Collage art blog(& some photography)by Russell C. Smith

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Rotating distant star
Ghost of honor
Unusual fluted innocence
Infamous cow territory
Teaspoon baggage attack
Somewhat astonished spectators
Non-motorized potato
Unorthodox workbench calculation
Elaborate earwax transportation
Tragic leaf brigade
Secretary of steak
Legally enforced mediocrity
Large vanishing detour
Infinite turtle
Herbal potassium quartet
Sacrificial magpie vault
Phone boot
Massive sneeze deduction
Famous lighthearted menace
Scatterbrained doorway pacing
Severely hypothetical destination
Unique salivating hero
Highly publicized dwarf
Random mythology treatment
Vibrating weasel convention
Nearest vagrant fountain
Postponed goldfish races
Colorful foliage conclusion


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